About Us

Who We Are

WACOP is an organization of police officers, trainers, and community leaders who are actively engaged in community policing and problem solving. WACOP grew from a small group of police officers who first met in 1995, to an organization of over 200 members which offers training throughout the State of Wisconsin and the Midwest. One of WACOP’s most successful ventures is our annual training conference.  At our first 5 annual conferences we have been honored with such speakers as Professor Herman Goldstein, Chris Braiden, Chief Harry Dolan, Chief Inspector Andy Fisher and Inspector Nikki Holland of the British Police Service.  Revenue generated from our annual conference is sent back to the 5 districts for regional training.

Our Mission

The purpose of the WACOP is to establish and support a permanent network of Police Officers, Supervisors and Community Members who will provide leadership and encourage the adoption and growth of community oriented policing and problem solving philosophies in police agencies and communities throughout the State of Wisconsin.

WACOP encourages and facilitates information exchange between all parties engaged in problem solving. We also sponsor and support educational opportunities for officers, supervisors, and community members in Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving in our training districts.

What  are the Benefits of Joining WACOP?

  • Notification of statewide training opportunities
  • Become part of a statewide network of Community Policing Practitioners
  • Receive funds for local training
  • Notifications of funding available for Community Policing
  • Notification of annual training conference
  • Membership is included with your paid registration to the annual conference